Monday, 25 August 2014


People hate themselves: that is the conclusion that I have come to after much deliberation. They have no care for the ease with which they may pass through their own lives. They like to suffer.

I say this, because as a compulsive moaner, I am very aware of how much other people moan. They complain about the way their country is run, and the way their world is run. They complain about their health, their relationships and their position in life. They complain about quite literally everything. And when they've finished doing that, the muppets move on to complaining about complaining.

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And yet, how few people actually make efforts to change what is wrong in their lives. What percentage of smokers complaining about their ill health actually make efforts to stop? How many of those who complain about their government try to change things by speaking out or even standing for election themselves?

I think that the answer is hardly anybody.

If ever one finds themselves new to a situation, and they point out the obvious flaws in this, they are bound to be greeted by a crowd of depressed sighs, followed by a “yeah, it's always been like that.” Or “that's just the way it is, I'm afraid.”

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It's strange, because I'm fairly certain that humans like to be happy. It is, I think, a lot more pleasant that being sad. And yet so many billions of human beings just slum out their whole lives, reluctantly accepting their misery. 

Of course, I am guilty of this. I spend every day writing down my many complaints about the world. And over the course of my life, I have made only very feeble efforts to change things.

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So, I have come to the conclusion that we must find some advantages to simply staying as we are. Perhaps, the improved state of things isn't a large enough improvement to make the effort of change worthy of our time. Perhaps, trying to change things has the potential to make things worse. Or perhaps we just don't care.

I think that it is a necessary part of our survival to note the things that need improving around us. And it is just as important to try and change them. But the fact that the human race has survived this long suggests that just accepting things isn't such a bad thing either.

"In the modern world, evolution is quite simply the art of getting used to it.

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