Friday, 22 August 2014

Being a Book Worm

Last week, I talked about my love for writing. This is a love that has existed almost as long as my love for reading...

When I was little, I had an obsession with books. I loved to hold them. I loved to be read to. I used to gather my teddies around me and make up stories for them, using the pictures in the books I was to young to read to help me (such a sad child).

When I was a little older, someone bought me a massive box full of about sixty, old, Enid Blyton books. I think it probably only took me a week or two to read every single one of them (baring in mind that I was probably six), and I absolutely adored them.

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There are other childhood books that I adore: the 'Winnie-the-Pooh' collection and the 'Chronicles of Narnia' were two of the larger, more intriguing books that I owned. And I had a massive obsession for Roald Dahl, who I still believe to have been a genius.

My own love for reading always had me sure that everyone else read and loved it too. Who wouldn't love to disappear to crazy worlds, or to row out to an island and drink ginger beer (such fun), or to become the owner of a chocolate factory?

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It turns out, the answer is a lot of people.

The truth is, I don't know many people who read. I know that there are a lot of people who do, but I just don't think that that number is enough.

Of course, part of the reason for this is because actually playing in a fantasy world on a screen is so much more entertaining to kids now (and brain frying!). And that makes me sad, because reading is so personal. The world I envisage when I read a book will differ from the world someone else sees. With screens, what's there is there.

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I think there is a book out there for everyone. There are hundreds of books out there for every child. Encouraging people to read however...that could take some time.

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